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Endless Journey, Carmel Valley, 1993 The Body, Carmel Valley, 1993 Carmel River State Beach (Infrared), 1992 Altamont Before The Storm, 2006 Rain Drop on a PeachTree, 2006 Rose Petal, 2006 Courtyard Fountain, Carmel Mission (Pinhole), 2006 Window Iron Textures, Carmel Mission, 2006 Oak in Solitude, Diablo Grande, 2006 Water Tower Texture #2, 2006 Low Tide Reflection, Pismo Beach, 2006 Sand Dollar at Low Tide, Pismo Beach, 2006 In the Heat of the Valley, Rusted Truck Study, 2006 Marsh at Low Tide (Holga), Palo Alto, CA 2006 Adobe Window, Carmel Mission, 2006 Silver Maple Leaf in Fall, 2006 Field Grass In Fall, 2006 Old #1285 Steam Engine, Monterey, 2006 Tidepool #1, Point Lobos State Reserve, 2006 Marbled Inlet, Point Lobos State Reserve, 2006 Mission Calalily, April 2006 Poppy Bud After The Rain, 2007 Sand Dollar Patterns, Pismo Beach 2007 Mission Granite Marker, March 2006

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